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Scout Parvesh (स्‍काउट्‌ प्रवेश)

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By finishing this Scout Pravesh, A Boy starts his journey as a SCOUT. (1) A boy who is a citizen of India and who has completed 10 years but not completed 17 years of age is eligible to become a Scout Aspirant. (2) (i) A Scout Aspirant shall complete Pravesh requirement and will work for three months to the satisfaction of the Scout Master before being invested as a Scout. (ii) Scout Parvesh (स्‍काउट्‌ प्रवेश) Requirements 1. (i) Have brief information of the origin of Scouting along with definition, purpose principles and method of the Bharat Scouts and Guides. (ii) A Scout Aspirant must have holistic knowledge of the movement. 2. Know the Scout Promise, Law & Motto. 3. Have knowledge about the Scout, Sign, Salute and left hand shake and be able to demonstrate. 4. Render daily good turn at home and maintain a diary at least for a month. 5. Know the parts of Scout Uniform and how to wear it correctly. 6. Know the composition and significance of the National Flag, the Bharat Scouts & Guides Flag and the World Scout Flag and Flag Etiquette. 7. Sing correctly National Anthem, BSG Prayer and BSG Flag Song. Know about the composer, duration and meaning of the song. 8. Attend at least four Troop Meetings. 9. Undertake a 4 hour purposeful outing with his Patrol.

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